Upholstery cleaning

Does your furniture have spots where the children have spilled their food or drinks?   Upholstery cleaning by Complete Cleaning and Service Experts can help.  Maybe your favorite chair smells a little funky because the dog has been sleeping in it. You may not have children or pets but your furniture is looking dingy and worn out. Even if stains are not visible, your upholstery may have bacteria that can cause sickness.

Having your upholstery regularly cleaned extends the life of your furniture. Removing dirt and bacteria will leave your upholstery looking cleaner and smelling fresh. Complete Cleaning and Service Expert’s professional technicians will determine which cleaning method is best based on the type of material the upholstery is made of. Once this is determined, our trained specialist will get to work cleaning your upholstery with specialty tools and care. Leaving it looking and feeling clean and smelling fresh!